Jan 12th 2019 // Unfinished

The cold and the bite of the winter
As I'm leaving this city behind
And all the people with their bombs and guns
want to know when I'll be back.
I want to say never but fear grips my mind;
What if I am like them
and I carry these guns in my heart?
What if I am like them
and I always break what I get my hands on,
the people that care and
the things I should hold close?
Image by Nastezzi

Jan 10th 2019 // I don't know.

Please don't say anything, don't ask.
I don't want to have to talk about him
Don't make me remember the things I worked so hard to let go
I can never forget but I guess I did move on.
I know we were friends and I know you used to care
But this isn't high school and now I know who I am.
So please don't ask me anything, say hi and walk past
Because it's taken so long for me
To not look for him when you come around.
I used to write these sorry poems and sad words in hopes they'd reach him
You ask if I want you to relay a message and I don't
And for the first time I'm okay with him not knowing
or caring
I guess I've let go.
But either way, there's no need for him to
know just how I'm doing
and I won't give him things about me to hate on.
aesthetic, grunge, and alternative image

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