Here's a thing you don't know about me: I'm damn good at leaving. - gde da pobegnem?

If I have learned anything over this last year it’s that you have to live your own life too so that if something we hoped for doesn’t work out, you still have two legs to stand on, you still have your own path.

When you’re twenty-one, life is a roadmap. It’s only when you get to be twenty-five or so that you begin to suspect you’ve been looking at the map upside down, and not until you’re forty are you entirely sure. By the time you’re sixty, take it from me, you’re…lost.



Here's a thing you don't know about me: I'm damn good at leaving.

That's what I do.
Give someone all of me, then leave and reinvent myself.
The thing is, I don't know how many more times I can do it.
I'm running out of ideas and it's been years.
I still don't know who I'm supposed to be.
I'm just a girl who feels good in her skin right now-
and maybe in two weeks time I'll hate my hair or this weird
piercing thing I wear in my ear.
If that time comes, I'll change again.
When that time comes.

We've hit the mountain, folks.
It was big and silent and now I'm not sure what to do.
No, actually.
I know. Do nothing. Say nothing.
Leave gracefully while I can.
I don't want to.


Danas sam u toku šamponiranja kose imala jedan od onih 'ej-pa-za-ovo-živim' trenutaka. Jedan od onih trenutaka kad shvatite da vas je Univerzum postavio negdje gdje treba da budete. Hint taken.
"L., i dalje me mrzi." *L. šuti* Ok.
Prevrćem riječi po mislima i pokušavam naći prave. Nemam ti šta loše reći. Niti želim. Hej, pa možda je i ovo dio mog novootkrivenog, dugopostojanog problema. Mislim, nije prvi put da se desi. Hm.
Vrijeme je za jednu malo dublju samoanalizu, rekla bih, ali nemam vremena sastavljati se ponovo.
Upravo sam skontala nešto. Ouch. Odoh.
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